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Make your colleagues brilliant in the moment with reporting, business intelligence, advanced predictive analytics models and risk analysis.


Guidewire Data and Analytics

Guidewire developers have access to a variety of solutions to drive innovation and create value from data. Powered by Guidewire Data Platform and Cyence, these solutions enable you to create value for your organization in three key areas:

  • Optimize claims operations and improve underwriting profitability by embedding automated, smart recommendations into your core processes with Predictive Analytics.
  • Leverage organic and third-party data to uncover opportunities, understand emerging risks, create new products, and enter new markets with Risk Insights.
  • Equip your teams to make better decisions and solve problems quickly, pivot on market change, and improve performance against your peers with Business Intelligence.


Guidewire Data Platform

Guidewire Data Platform Architecture

The Guidewire Data Platform is a P&C insurance-specific data repository and factory that continuously collects data from internal and external sources and provides analytical insights across the insurance lifecycle. Some key capabilities of Guidewire Data Platform include:

  • Capture and store internal data in near real time
  • Metadata-driven auto-curation
  • P&C-specific AI and machine-learning techniques for predictive insights
  • Data delivery through APIs and data access
  • Operationalize and embed analytics into core processes

Guidewire Data Platform: Data Intake

The Guidewire Data Platform captures all Guidewire InsuranceSuite data in near real time with a complete change history and stores it in a data lake. In addition, the platform leverages a process called data listening which collects vast amounts of technical and behavioral data from a variety of sources at internet scale, including public data, open-source data, proprietary data, and third-party data.

Guidewire Data Platform: Data Management

The platform then applies metadata-driven auto-curation techniques to prepare the data for analytic consumption. The platform includes a built-in intelligence engine – Cyence – to supercharge your performance. Cyence leverages AI and machine-learning techniques built upon years of actuarial, data science, policy, and claims expertise, and trained on vast amounts of data to generate predictive insights.

Guidewire Data Platform: Data Delivery

The platform delivers insights that power all Guidewire Analytics solutions: Risk Insights, Predictive Analytics, and Business Intelligence. This is made possible through RESTful APIs and cloud services for access to raw as well as curated data sets—helping  to support wider enterprise data strategies and leverage third-party applications. The platform also includes a framework to operationalize and embed analytic insights back into the insurance lifecycle.

To learn more and get started with Guidewire Data Platform, Cloud Data Access, and more, start reading the developer documentation provided for each Guidewire InsuranceSuite application.


Guidewire Data Certification

Guidewire Education offers courses specifically for developers to learn how to configure and integrate core Data products across InsuranceSuite. Courses offered are for DataHub and InfoCenter Specifications, InfoCenter BI Basics, InfoCenter BI Configuration, DataHub ETL Integration, and InfoCenter ETL Integration.

Additionally, Guidewire Education offers a complete course path for developers interested in achieving a variety of Specialist Certifications to show your expertise with Guidewire Data Platform.

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