DevConnect Claims SDK

Rapidly build add-ons that work with the most trusted and widely used P&C claim system: Guidewire ClaimCenter.



Rapidly create add-ons for Guidewire ClaimCenter using SDKs

Guidewire DevConnect is a developer platform that enables Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partners to create add-ons for use by ClaimCenter users. These add-ons created with DevConnect are integrated partner solutions featuring:

Straightforward installation: Add-ons can be deployed by insurers without coding, which significantly reduces their cost to implement Solution partner integrations.

Full-fidelity upgrades: The underlying ClaimCenter application can be upgraded without the need to re-implement add-ons.

Enhanced support: Full support by Solution partners enables insurer IT teams to focus on higher-value activities rather than troubleshooting and supporting integrations.


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Available Claims SDKs

DevConnect Claims SDKs

Claim Servicing

Help claims adjusters process and close claims faster and more accurately.

The DevConnect Claim Servicing SDK supports integrations for partners that offer claim services.

Interaction Pattern

  • Adjuster-initiated service request pattern
  • Customer Service Rep (CSR)-initiated service request pattern
  • Adjuster-initiated service request pattern
  • CSR-initiated service request pattern
  • Approval request pattern
  • Assessment screens pattern
  • Document delivery pattern
  • Send documents to vendors pattern
  • Progress updates pattern
  • Invoice delivery pattern
  • Repair network assignment pattern
  • Adding a quote to a service request pattern
  • Embedding questionnaires, calculators, and worksheets pattern

Example Use Cases

  • Repair or restoration services
  • Inspection and adjudication services
  • Car rental for auto claims

Claim Subrogation

Automate and streamline multi-party subrogation claims.

The DevConnect Claim Subrogation SDK supports subrogation by enabling insurers that are members of a subrogation hub for which there is an add-on to automate the exchanges between insurers, including making subrogation demands and managing those demands and associated payments.

Interaction Pattern

  • Demander: Notify responder of subrogation demand pattern
  • Demander: Notify responder of additional subrogation details pattern
  • Demander: Send responder subrogation payment demand pattern
  • Demander: Receive response to notification of liability from responder
  • Demander: Receive rejection or counteroffer for subrogation payment from responder pattern
  • Demander: Receive a subrogation payment from responder pattern
  • Responder: Receive notification of subrogation demand pattern
  • Responder: Receive subrogation update pattern
  • Responder: Receive subrogation payment demand pattern

Example Use Cases

  • Manage subrogation flow with a partner solution and subrogation hub
  • Trigger events to send or receive a payment demand or receive payment advice

Claim Scoring

Deliver claim scoring functionality and related workflows.

The DevConnect Claim Scoring SDK supports integrated apps that can score a claim or an exposure, show details related to the score in ClaimCenter, and automatically trigger actions in ClaimCenter to augment user decisions.

Interaction Pattern

  • Scoring pattern
  • Display score information pattern
  • Display exposure score information pattern
  • Display payment block information pattern

Example Use Cases

  • Fraud scoring
  • Fraud severity prediction
  • Predicting litigation potential
  • Assessing predicted recoveries


Guidewire Marketplace

Looking for Solution partner add-ons?

Solution partner add-ons developed on the DevConnect platform are made available on the Guidewire Marketplace. Along with add-ons, the Marketplace offers hundreds of additional solutions, apps, and content that insurers use to extend and enhance their Guidewire platform.

Visit the Guidewire Marketplace to learn more.

Guidewire DevConnect apps are available on the Guidewire Marketplace

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