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Guidewire offers embedded digital capabilities that enable developers to create engaging, beautiful, and fully-functional digital applications for P&C. Unleash your creativity and create something amazing as a Guidewire Digital Front-end Developer.

Guidewire Digital: A perfect fit for insurers

Guidewire offers two distinct core systems for P&C insurers in order to meet the unique needs of the P&C industry. InsuranceSuite is the most widely used P&C core system in the world and is available as a cloud service via Guidewire Cloud, or as a self-managed application. InsuranceNow is purpose-built for insurers with limited IT resources that need a core system that increases agility without adding complexity. Both core platforms offer digital front-end capabilities. Developers building a career as a Guidewire front-end developer can easily learn both applications, or focus on a specific core depending on client or employer needs.



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Guidewire developers are creating amazing digital experiences, and you can too. Take a look at just a few great examples of the possibilities.

Guidewire CustomerEngage Quote and Buy

Get started with InsuranceSuite

Developing digital applications for use with InsuranceSuite requires the use of the Guidewire Digital applications. For self-managed instances of InsuranceSuite, the Guidewire Digital applications are licensed separately from the core InsuranceSuite applications. For instances of InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud, the Digital applications are embedded, so no additional licensing is required. Whether you are looking to leverage out-of-the box templates and layouts, or you want to build a completely headless digital service, InsuranceSuite provides the necessary tooling and capabilities.

Guidewire Digital

Guidewire Digital applications enable customers, partners, and field employees to access your Guidewire InsuranceSuite implementations through web applications, mobile devices, and other channels. By using these channels, you can expose aspects of your core Guidewire implementations to users outside your corporate IT environment. Increasingly, customers and partners are expecting to use online, self-service functions on the Web and mobile devices. To meet these expectations, you can develop web and mobile applications to leverage your core systems and enable more real-time, self-service transactions.

There are four applications within the Digital product line. Each application provides capability to address the digital journey of the unique personas that you need to engage during the lifecycle of an insurance policy:

  • CustomerEngage – provides capabilities that enable customers to manage their accounts, billing, payments, renewals, claims, and quote and buy new policies
  • ProducerEngage – enables an agent to complete client account inquires, complete a quote, submit a claim on a client’s behalf, and complete policy change and cancellation transactions
  • ServiceRepEngage – enables a Customer Service Representative to complete client account inquires, complete a quote, submit a claim on a client’s behalf, and complete policy change and cancellation transactions
  • VendorEngage – enables vendors to manage their service requests including creating quotes for services, adding documents and invoices, and sending and receiving messages from a claim handler

With these applications, you can create digital experiences for any device, and engage with all of the various personas across the policy lifecycle. For a full list of all capabilities and transactions view the full product documentation.

InsuranceSuite API

In addition to the out-of-the box templates and designs, Guidewire Digital applications also support exposing InsuranceSuite functionality via API for completely headless design and decoupled architecture. The EDGE API provides methods for PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, and ContactManager that facilitate all the transactions and capabilities described in the documentation. To get started utilizing the API, review the documentation first, or jump right to the API reference below.


Included with Guidewire Digital applications is Jutro, the design system and front-end framework for Guidewire. Jutro is an adaptable system of meta-data driven UI components and interactions that support best practices in user interface design. By using Jutro to build digital products for the insurance industry, designers, developers, and product owners can streamline the effort it takes to create beautiful and compelling products. Jutro includes:

  • Component library: Jutro offers developers a library of pre-built components. These speed up design while also promoting consistency across consumer applications. Developers will be able to accelerate the building of their applications, leveraging component level capabilities such as analytics, localization, theming, and accessibility.
  • Codeless UI composition: Each of the UI components is easily configured via presentation metadata, such as labels or pages, thus building a metadata-driven application that can be easily modified without writing code.
  • Design guidelines and patterns: We offer a set of UI assets, made for designers, that have been designed around a consistent paradigm. These UI assets include highly repeatable pre-designed UI components, standardized application layouts, and themes.

Get started with InsuranceNow

InsuranceNow includes a REST API that facilitates the transfer of data in and out of InsurnaceNow for the creation of digital experiences for direct-to-consumer sales channels and agent self-service. These REST API endpoints are available within the system through an interactive API interface. The interactive API uses the Swagger OpenAPI specification to provide a way to view the API endpoints and execute API requests.

Additionally, the InsuranceNow developer documentation includes a detailed guide for developers wanting to leverage this API to build digital experiences on top of InsuranceNow.

Getting certified

Increase your skills, get noticed, and contribute! Guidewire Education provides a learning path and certification program specifically for developers who want to achieve the Certified Associate or Certified Specialist designations. 

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