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Our latest release, Elysian delivers innovation across the insurance lifecycle that helps our customers further streamline the developer experience, improve Underwriting and Claims decisions, and accelerate time-to-market for new lines of business.

In this blog post you’ll discover how Elysian enables teams to elevate the developer experience with Integration Gateway, new and expanded APIs, digital capabilities, and more.


While not an exhaustive list of what’s new in Elysian, the following links and resources have been curated for development teams using Guidewire Cloud Platform, digital experiences with Jutro, as well as InsuranceSuite and InsuranceNow applications.

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Guidewire Cloud Platform

Connect Apps Easily with Integration Gateway

Integration Gateway in the Integration Framework

The Integration Gateway is a cloud-managed service that supports integrations between InsuranceSuite and third-party or internal applications. Using the Integration Gateway infrastructure and operations, development teams create new integration projects, develop their implementations locally, and deploy them to the Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP).


  • Faster updates with a cloud microservice that externalizes integration logic from the core
  • Leverage a broad community of skilled developers familiar with Apache Camel to support any integration pattern
  • Connect any API to quickly expand your ecosystem with Guidewire Marketplace integrations

Documentation site links:

Further Automate Development with Public Deployment APIs for InsuranceSuite

Deployment APIs for InsuranceSuite

In Elysian, we’ve exposed a new set of Deployment APIs publicly. This will allow you to trigger a new InsuranceSuite nonproduction application deployment independent of Guidewire Cloud Console.

This set of public APIs allows further automation of your overall development cycle and easy integration with your global deployment pipeline.

Documentation site link: Cloud Console API Reference (login required)

Digital Experiences

Leverage Jutro in Figma to Deliver Compelling Digital Experiences

The Jutro pattern and component library is now available in Figma design software, empowering designers to create unique themes and styles that reflect your brand.

With Jutro’s updates to global and component-level styling and P&C UI components, you’ll be able to accelerate development, and drastically reduce project implementation time.

Watch this brief video to see what else is new in Jutro:

Documentation site link: Jutro Elysian Release Notes (login required)


Greater Flexibility with New and Expanded InsuranceSuite APIs


BillingCenterIn Elysian, we’ve released the first set of Cloud API endpoints for BillingCenter, which enables greater operational efficiency for development teams. The Admin API allows you to manage users, billing plans, and delinquency plans externally; and the Common API can be used for activities, documents, notes, and type lists.

Documentation site links:


PolicyCenterReview two policy versions to understand the effects of policy change. Combine multiple policy versions in a single Composite API request, adding efficiency to functions like quote versioning. Support functions like merging accounts and reopening withdrawn accounts from outside the PolicyCenter user interface.

Documentation site links:


ClaimCenterAccess business logic and data with new Cloud API support for property contents, claim archiving, multicurrency, and more. Streamline API requests by batching multiple API requests into a single API call using our Composite API.

Documentation site links:

Streamline Development by Generating Custom Cloud API Endpoints for InsuranceSuite

Custom Cloud API Endpoints

The system APIs in InsuranceSuite Cloud API have a set of default behaviors in the base configuration. However, through configuration, their behaviors can be modified. Developers can configure system API behavior, including generating endpoints for custom entities by using the REST endpoint generator.

You can now add custom Cloud API endpoints for your business extensions to the InsuranceSuite datamodel, side-by-side with OOTB endpoints, reducing complexity in calling and developing APIs.


  • Open Cloud Integration features such as Composite API and Application Events for custom endpoints, accelerating and simplifying integrations
  • Automate the generation of API code, speeding up development with a guided step-by-step experience

Documentation site links for generating endpoints for custom entities:


Enable Third-Party Digital Capabilities with an Enhanced InsuranceNow API

The InsuranceNow API enables the development of InsuranceNow portals. With Elysian, the InsuranceNow API includes additional claim endpoints, as well as new billing functionalities, such as selecting or updating pay plans, making recurring and one-time payments, generating a billing schedule, and selecting or updating payment sources.

Documentation site links:

InsuranceNow Self-Service Provisioning Portal

InsuranceNow Self-service Provisioning Portal

The InsuranceNow Provisioning portal is a cloud-based tool designed to allocate, provision, and launch a sandbox instance of InsuranceNow Studio or InsuranceNow Core based on a specified branch. With this tool, business analysts can edit and test build-outs using the corresponding InsuranceNow instance.

Documentation site link: Provisioning Portal Overview (login required)

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