Guidewire’s Best Training Courses for Developers (2022)

Whether you’re a new Guidewire developer ramping up for an implementation or an experienced developer looking to grow your skills, Guidewire Education has a variety of courses to enable competency and instill confidence. Take a look at our top courses for developers and consider the value of committing time to elevate your expertise. In this post, we cover the following topics.

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    1. New and Updated Training Courses for Developers
    2. How Do I Get Started?
    3. How Do I Build Platform Skills?
    4. How Do I Deepen Expertise for My Role?

1. New and Updated Training Courses for Developers

Expand your proficiency with these courses that cover important topics related to new features (by ski release), fundamentals, and analytics. New Features courses include knowledge checks; if you pass them, you’ll update your certifications to match.

Flaine New Features Courses

Additional New or Updated Courses

2. How Do I Get Started?

As a developer, you can start with courses that introduce Guidewire product features, methodology, tools, and how to maximize product value.

You should complete the Introduction course that fits the product you support. Even if you have years of experience, this training is valuable so that you can understand how code changes impact base functionality and therefore better support your business requirements. Additional popular courses prepare you to support sound business decision-making during Guidewire implementations.

Click the link to view the description, duration, and agenda of each of the following courses:

3. How Do I Build Platform Skills?

After getting a good baseline of learning about product features and implementation considerations, you move on to our platform curriculum and even earning your first certification — Guidewire Certified Associate!

This learning phase is critical for developers to support the health of Guidewire products. These courses enhance skills with platform-level functionality and best practices to empower you to build cloud-ready, scalable, future-proofed solutions.

    • InsuranceSuite Developer Fundamentals: As of June 1, 2022, New InsuranceSuite developers can now complete Associate training in 5 days instead of 7!  By modularizing the content, rethinking the training approach, and streamlining labs, we were able to consolidate the existing InsuranceSuite Fundamentals (4 days), InsuranceSuite Best Practices (2 days), and Developing with Guidewire Cloud (1 day) into a 5-day InsuranceSuite Developer Fundamentals course.

Check out the Developer Fundamentals FAQ for more details.

4. How Do I Deepen Expertise for My Role?

To deepen your expertise, you can continue with courses specific to your product and role. Below, you’ll find the most popular course specific to your product and role so it’s easy to see the next steps for leveling up. Learning in these phases deepens your proficiency with product-specific features and sets you up to apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios.

InsuranceSuite Integration:
Integrate and exchange information between InsuranceSuite and other enterprise applications.

Configure the application-specific features of PolicyCenter.

ClaimCenter Configuration:
Configure the application-specific features of ClaimCenter.
BillingCenter Configuration:
Configure the application-specific features of BillingCenter.


Thank you for your dedication to learning the best practices and delivering future-proofed solutions as a Guidewire developer!

You can access complete learning paths and courses online 24/7 by logging in to Once you are logged in, select My Learning > My Learning Paths and then choose the appropriate subscription. You can also learn more about the certification program options.

Happy learning!

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