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Guidewire integration developers are the life blood of innovation. Start your journey here to learn how to connect anything to Guidewire.

Extend Your Platform

Most P&C insurers have dozens of critical business systems that must be integrated in order to maximize IT investments. From legacy transaction systems, to general ledgers, and an ever increasing ecosystem of Insurtech, developers who can skillfully integrate these systems with Guidewire are helping insurers solve some of the industry’s most critical issues. If you’re a developer new to Guidewire, this page provides all the starting points you need to get to “hello world” and started down the happy path.

InsuranceSuite Integration Features

InsuranceSuite offers flexible and extensible integration frameworks to enable integration with a large variety of external systems. With the frameworks InsuranceSuite addresses a variety of integration architecture requirements, including:

  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Configurable behavior with the help of external code or systems
  • Sending transaction-safe messages to external systems
  • Flexible export
  • Predictable error handling
  • Importing or exporting data to or from external systems
  • Using clearly defined industry standard protocols for integration points

To achieve this, InsuranceSuite applications offer integration frameworks in multiple ways to facilitate connections to external systems.

Explore more of the integration methods and their use cases in the documentation for InsuranceSuite applications.

Access the integration guide for:


Pre-built Integrations 

The Guidewire Marketplace offers over 600 apps – including 140+ apps and integrations from 90+ partners. For many of the most common integrations, the Guidewire Marketplace may offer a pre-built integration to reduce development efforts and increase speed to market. Additionally, there are dozens of solutions available from the newest and most exciting Insurtechs.


Education for Integration Developers

Guidewire Education offers courses specifically for developers to learn how to leverage the InsuranceSuite integration frameworks to connect external systems and extend the capabilities of Guidewire. After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Guidewire applications integrate and exchange data with other systems
  • Understand how to use Guidewire Studio to build, test, and deploy integration solutions
  • Understand basic syntax and use of the Gosu programming language
  • Understand how to integrate InsuranceSuite 10.0 core applications with document management systems

Additionally, Guidewire Education offers a complete course path for developers interested in achieving a variety of developer certifications for Guidewire integration including Certified Associate, Certified Specialist, Certified Professional, and Certified Ace.

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