Jutro Digital Platform: Powering Insurance Digital Innovation

As a developer using Guidewire’s products, you may be familiar with the Jutro Design System and UI Framework, which has been helping designers and developers create unique digital portals for customers, producers, and agents for years.

In many Slavic languages, Jutro (pronounced “YOO-tro”) is translated as “morning,” and in Polish it is translated as “tomorrow.” Our development team in Krakow, Poland created the product, so we proudly named it “Jutro.” When we think about “tomorrow,” we think about what it means regarding the future of development in the P&C industry.

Introducing the Jutro Digital Platform

Building on the success of our Jutro Design System and UI Framework, we are immensely proud to announce the Early Access (EA) program for our new Jutro Digital Platform.

Jutro Digital Platform is a new suite of purpose-built tools, services, and features that include our existing design system, along with a new web application framework, an SDK, pre-designed templates, and reference experiences. Jutro Digital Platform enables front-end development teams to quickly and easily build unique P&C web experiences on Guidewire Cloud for any persona and any line-of-business (LOB).

Our goal for Jutro Digital Platform is to provide front-end developers with a better development workflow and framework. This creates an upgraded development experience that will let you unlock a new wave of innovations for the future. Here’s how.

A Better Development Workflow

Jutro Digital Platform helps front-end developers rapidly move from design to development and from development to production, recognizing that engineering cycles are dependent on your team’s time and capacity.

At Guidewire, we envision a future where front-end developers can quickly launch modern web applications using an automated workflow that lets you move new ideas to production with a streamlined developer experience that is built on a fully supported infrastructure. Jutro Digital Platform was built with the future in mind. It removes the burden of managing your infrastructure so you can focus on building and shipping software that your users will love.

Jutro App Admin

An example image of the Jutro App Admin dashboard

Jutro App Admin is a new management dashboard embedded in Guidewire Cloud Console where you can create new Jutro web apps and micro-frontends from a catalog of pre-designed templates that allow you to jumpstart your application development.

Using Jutro App Admin, you can:

  • Securely access your application code repositories in Bitbucket and CI/CD pipelines in Teamcity.
  • Deploy your application in minutes using a live URL and with no configuration.

You can also create entirely new web applications for the P&C industry and customize nearly everything, including:

  • Navigation flow
  • Persona experience
  • UI layout
  • Theming

Web applications built with Jutro Digital Platform allow you to leverage the entirety of Guidewire Cloud, including secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure, end-to-end analytics, and the InsuranceSuite Cloud API.

A Better Development Framework

We believe front-end developers should have complete control to create any experience for any persona (policyholders, agents, service reps, etc.) and any LOB, using P&C-specific development tools that maximize the power of programmability. With Jutro Digital Platform, you get access to purpose-built libraries to create React-based web applications, also known as “Jutro Apps.”

Creating web apps with Jutro lets you tap into many benefits, such as:

1. Jutro SDK — You can integrate your web app with Guidewire’s Cloud API via the new Jutro SDK. This new development kit gives you an extra coding productivity lift to create your Jutro App, point it to a backend, and deploy it on Guidewire Cloud in minutes.

2. Built with React — Do you have your own React components? Bring them with you! Jutro Apps are standard React applications where you can combine your third-party libraries with UI components from the Jutro Design System and UI framework.

3. Embeddable P&C Functionality — Do you have your own web application already running on a third-party low code platform? Bring it with you! You can build a Jutro App on Guidewire Cloud and embed it into your existing web application as a micro-frontend.

4. Connected with APD — As part of the EA program, we’ll include a “proof of concept” of business-specific React components that are already connected to Guidewire’s Advanced Product Designer (APD) application. These components let you automatically connect to your product definition from APD and render it using Jutro Design System components.

A Code Example Using the Jutro SDK

To give you an idea of how these benefits work together, let’s look at an example of rendering a home risk in a “Quote and Buy” wizard for insurance prospects. This piece of Javascript code* shows how to call a PolicyCenter API with Jutro SDK, and then map the data back to a Jutro APD component:

import { usePolicyCenterSdk } from '@jutro/sdk-app-wrapper'; 
import {Risk, useFormData} from '@jutro/apd-components-policycenter-poc'; 

//Instantiate form data vars 
const { wizardData, setWizardData } = useContext(QuoteWizardContext); 
const [formData, setFormValue, , oldFormData] = useFormData({ 
        dwellingRisk: wizardData?.dwellingRisk ?? {}, 

//Instantiate the SDK 
const { accountSdk } = usePolicyCenterSdk(); 

useEffect(() => { 
  async function fetchData() { 

    //Get the account 
    const account = await accountSdk.getAccount('pc:TBFygkXSQUeamMb78dVh_', { 
      include: ['primaryLocation'], 
    const { addressLine1, city, state, postalCode } = primaryLocation; 

    //Construct the risk object 
    const newRisk = { 
    setFormValue(newRisk, 'dwellingRisk'); 
  if (accountId && !hasAddressLine1) { 
}, [accountSdk, accountId, hasAddressLine1, setFormValue]); 

return ( 
 			fields={['roofType', 'swimmingPool']} 

*Sample code only. Code elements are subject to change before Jutro Digital Platform becomes Generally Available.

As you can see, we’re committed to providing front-end developers with modern solutions that tap into the future of P&C development. With Jutro Digital Platform insurers can engage without limits using the only digital development platform built for P&C that enables front-end developers to deliver any experience for any user and any line of business.

Want More Information?

If you’d like to stay up to date on our progress with the Jutro Digital Platform and other Guidewire solutions, be sure to subscribe to our Developer Newsletter to receive our monthly email. If you’re an existing Guidewire customer or partner and want to learn more about the Jutro Digital Platform, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Alliance Manager. Finally, if you’d like to request more information about our Early Access program, you can contact eaprogram@guidewire.com to learn more.

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