PwC “Tech Titans” Take Second Place at Inaugural Guidewire Jutro Hackathon

We at PwC were excited to be invited to the first Guidewire Jutro Hackathon. And we were proud to have our PwC “Tech Titans” earn second place out of 17 global SI teams.  It was a privilege to showcase our hard work and present our idea in front of a senior Guidewire executive judge panel including CEO Mike Rosenbaum himself. In only a week’s time, all the teams came up with innovative ideas with clear demonstrations of the power of Jutro. PwC is looking forward to another Hackathon next year!

We had a great team in place from all areas, from Jutro and back-end developers to ClaimCenter experts and user experience leads. Going into the hackathon, we weren’t sure what we were getting into but were confident that we could deal with any challenge.

Jutro as a platform is very powerful and easy to understand. It has foundational elements, business patterns, and plug-and-play components, themes, and responsive design out of the box. It helped us build a working smart roadside assistance app in less than five days. Something like this would have taken months on a traditional technology stack or platform.

We want to extend our thanks to the creators of the Guidewire Hackathon microsite, which provided all the necessary training and information. We also thank our Guidewire mentor, Dimitry Remenyuk, who provided us with guidance when we needed it.

The app that we developed, “UnStranded,” is a smart roadside assistance tool that was born out of a real-life problem encountered by one of our team members. Kevin shared his experience of getting stranded with his family on the side of the road for hours without any help—simply because he couldn’t get an agent on the phone or track where his help was. Once we agreed on the business problem to solve, we started building wireframes and screens for the best UX. We then leveraged the Jutro business patterns such as integration real-time tracking, google components, uploading a photo and the ability to file a quick claim.  We were also able to integrate with an external AI engine to identify the damage on the car, recommend a kind of service and repair facility, and provide Uber-like real-time tracking of a towing service.

This was a great opportunity for us to learn and enabled us to showcase our Guidewire capabilities in the marketplace. We are leading the Guidewire partner ecosystem in certifications (especially for the cloud) and have been the first partner to earn most of Guidewire’s specializations. A hackathon contest like this provides a great opportunity to continue conversations with clients and highlight our knowledge, skill, and commitment to the platform as we promote PwC as the right choice when selecting a SI to deliver complex cloud transformations.

Our Idea: UnStranded for Smart Roadside Assistance



Team Tech Titans – PwC Core Team

PwC Core Team

Team Tech Titans – Support Team

PwC Support Team


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