Autopilot Workflow Service for Developers

Fully automate insurance business processes with developer-friendly tooling.

Managing insurance business processes is complex and time consuming

For P&C insurers, achieving complete automation for your core business processes, like claims handling, without human involvement is difficult, nearly impossible. If your development team has been involved in managing business processes, then you’ve probably experienced one or more of these common challenges:

  • Core system upgrades are complicated due to business process extensions and custom code
  • Deployment is often delayed by changes to the business process logic that requires server downtime and frustrates users
  • Collaboration is limited between business and IT teams, slowing down projects and leading to rework

Streamline automation with Autopilot Workflow Service

Autopilot Workflow Service, Product Imagery

Autopilot Workflow Service is a fit-for-purpose workflow management platform that leverages developer-friendly tools to fully automate business processes without the hassle of traditional coding.

  • Complete automation is the norm with limited need for human involvement when it makes sense (e.g exception handling or special cases)
  • System updates are easier with executable business processes that allow for faster deployment and no downtime
  • Collaboration is seamless between business and IT teams, helping projects run smoother with fewer hurdles and avoid rework.

Business Analysts can map the business process for workflow requirements and documentation purposes. Developers can take the mapped processes and plugin the implementation to build an executable process.

Autopilot Workflow Service comes with a rich feature-set that includes:


Workflow Designer

Orchestrate and model workflows across InsuranceSuite, enterprise systems and third-party services.

Workflow Console

Manage the runtime execution of your workflow instances.

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Note: Autopilot Workflow Service is natively integrated with ClaimCenter, and integration with PolicyCenter and BillingCenter is coming soon.

We understand your need to increase efficiency and productivity

Guidewire enables speed and agility across the complete P&C insurance lifecycle for more than 540 customers around the world. That means we understand what it takes to deliver true automation to help insurers streamline processes, foster collaboration, and quickly adapt to changes.

“Autopilot is a[n] easy to maintain tool built on a robust platform. It has all that we wanted: Integration Gateway, App Events, Workflow activity, that can take the claim down to manual intervention and take it back to automation.”

– Delma Chavara, System Architect, Tryg

Get Started with Autopilot Workflow Service

Ready to start using Autopilot Workflow Service on Guidewire Cloud Platform? Guidewire Documentation (login required) provides an Introduction to Autopilot Workflow Service, along with several resources to help you adopt and implement it:

Autopilot Workflow Service Adoption Guide
This guide is intended for implementation team business architects/analysts (BAs), developers, technical leads, quality analysts (QAs), and project managers interested in leveraging Autopilot Workflow Service to automate business processes.

FAQs for Autopilot Workflow Service
This document answers the frequently asked questions project teams may encounter when implementing Autopilot Workflow Service for a customer.

Reference Implementation for Personal Auto Glass Claim Flow
The reference implementation fully automates the OOTB Personal Auto line-of-business (LOB) based Glass claim process from opening a draft claim, to payment, and then to claim closure for eligible claims.

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