Know Before You Go: Guidewire’s Developer Q&A Forum on Stack Overflow

We encourage you to use Stack Overflow with us as a peer-to-peer forum for the Guidewire developer community. Guidewire team members will be there to participate, help verify answers, and enjoy connecting with the community—but we do not guarantee an official Guidewire answer for every question posted on Stack Overflow.

Whether you are interested in application performance, setup or deployments, configurations, testing, or our ecosystem of partners and integrations, you can ask questions and respond to conversations with the [guidewire] tag.

Other resources available to our community of developers and technical professionals include Guidewire Documentation (login required), our Guidewire Community (login required), Guidewire Partner Portal (login required), and Guidewire Education (login required).

Below, you’ll learn how to search, ask, and find answers to your questions about Guidewire on Stack Overflow:

Search Stack Overflow Using Tags

We recommend you focus your Guidewire discovery using the following tags via search:

   [guidewire]    General tag for all Guidewire related questions
   [gosu]    General tag about the use of Guidewire’s open-source programming language

Note that as the community questions increase, more tags will be added, particularly around our products (e.g. ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, InsuranceNow, Analytics, etc.). If you add a new tag, please email to have this document updated.

Asking Questions on Stack Overflow

Asking questions on Stack Overflow helps you get closer to implementing solutions and using Guidewire to maximum effect.

In order to help the Guidewire developer community help you be successful, there are some guidelines you need to know before participating in the [guidewire] Q&A forum on Stack Overflow.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the developer community on Stack Overflow can help support your Guidewire questions, it is not a substitute for our actual help center and customer support process. Refer to the chart below on question types and which platform is best suited to get you the answers you need:

   Question Type    Recommended Platform
   “How do I…?”    Stack Overflow – use our recommended tags above to make sure your questions have maximum visibility
   “I got this error. Why?”    Stack Overflow
   “I got this error and I’m sure it’s a bug.”    Guidewire Community (for customers); Guidewire Partner Portal (for partners) – please file a support case
   “I have an idea/feature request.”    Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Alliance Manager
   “Why do you…?”    Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Alliance Manager
   “When will you…?”    Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Alliance Manager


Stack Overflow also has a few guides in their Meta community for asking questions that are linked below for your reference:

General Guidelines

Please remember these guidelines before posting questions:

  • Stack Overflow is a public online forum. Questions or answers you post will be visible to anyone.
  • Please search for previously answered questions similar to yours on Stack Overflow before posting.
  • Be professional and respectful to all participants, more importantly, be yourself.
  • Give and take, by providing as many technical details as you can without sharing any personally identifiable information (PII), data, or proprietary information that cannot be shared, and please follow up on your questions.
  • Understand that Stack Overflow is not official Guidewire Support. If you need help specific to your configuration or urgent assistance, please file a case on the Guidewire Community for customers or the Guidewire Partner Portal to reach Guidewire Support. See this guide for types of questions to ask on Stack Overflow.
  • If you are new to Stack Overflow, you can search their Help Knowledge Base.
  • See Stack Overflow: Privileges.
  • See Stack Overflow: What’s Reputation.
  • Finally, be safe.

See these links for a full version of Guidewire Community’s Code of Conduct and Stack Overflow: Conduct.

Answering Questions on Stack Overflow

Answering questions on Stack Overflow is a great way to gain visibility and credibility in the community and make connections with others.

Please tell us your Stack Overflow username so we can keep track of your engagement and acknowledge you for helping other users on the Guidewire tag. Email us:


Q: Are Guidewire employees using Stack Overflow?

A: Yes, there are Guidewire employees who use Stack Overflow and will participate in discussions. However, this will not replace our official customer support channel, and we cannot guarantee that every question on Stack Overflow will receive a response from Guidewire employees..

Q: I posted an error I received and I think it’s a bug, but no one has answered my question, what can I do?

A: If you believe it is a bug, please reach out to Guidewire Support via the Community (if you are a customer) or the Partner Portal (if you are a partner working on behalf of a customer) for a timely response.

Do you have other questions about our use of Stack Overflow? Email us:

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