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Our ongoing mission is to help insurers engage, innovate, and grow efficiently. Today we are pleased to announce changes to our software release strategy and delivery cadence in order to enable Guidewire customers to achieve these business outcomes at an even faster pace. Starting this year, we are moving from two to three cloud releases (a.k.a., Ski Releases) annually.
Case Study
75-year old P&C insurer turns to Guidewire to replace its legacy system and quickly realizes that speed will be a major factor in its success.
Guidewire Cloud Standards are proven principles and practices that enable a successful Guidewire Cloud implementation journey.
This standard describes how behavior-driven development (BDD) must be practiced on Guidewire implementation projects.
Behavior-driven development (BDD) is an agile software development methodology that is built around collaboration and communication among key stakeholders.
Get started with the Guidewire Payments API with this QuickStart guide written by our Engineers for Guidewire developers.
Reduce IT complexity and PCI compliance costs by integrating your core to the Guidewire Payments API - a multitenent cloud microservice.
Case Study
Even with no IT staff, insurer implements full suite under budget and achieves time-to-value faster than expected.
Learn how MetLife offers digital and self-service capabilites that enable real-time engagement with customers using Guidewire.
Case Study
Case Study: Brazilian insurer Caixa Seguradora now meets customer expectations with a flexible core and digital platform from Guidewire.
Case Study
Case study: 60-day P&C core go-live. Starting the journey to becoming the most innovative digital insurance company in Germany.
Case Study
Aviva Italy Accelerates Digital Disruption. Four-month InsurancePlatform implementation enables insurer to quickly build a new insurance model.
Guidewire's Laura Drabik and Ray Kreisel explain how leveraging Guidewire Cloud will reduce complexity and help you go faster.
Get answers to frequently asked questions developers have when building apps for Guidewire using the DevConnect developer platform.
Learn how Jutro floorplans help you organize content easily so you can create beautiful digital experiences on Guidewire.
Learn about the technology stack used to build apps on DevConnect and connect your product to the most trusted P&C platform: Guidewire.
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