Guidewire Integrations

Learn how to connect any application to and from Guidewire with the Cloud Integration Framework.

Integrations Should Be Easy to Build, Connect, and Maintain

“Across the industry it’s common for insurers, depending on the complexity of their environment, to have up to 150 policy, billing, and claims integrations that connect their custom internal systems as well as third-party supported technologies.”

– Karen Furtado, partner, Strategy Meets Action

The average P&C insurer’s core system includes several dozen integrations to critical business systems. If you’ve spent time building, testing, or deploying integrations, you’ve likely encountered one or more of these common challenges:

  • Complexity: Integrations are one of the hardest parts of any deployment because of the number, variety, and inconsistency of protocols, workflows, and file formats.
  • Intertwined logic: Your core system’s code includes both integration logic and functional logic.
  • Deployment impact: Your core system must be redeployed anytime the integration logic changes.

Simplify App Integrations with the Cloud Integration Framework

With cloud solutions and open APIs, developers can now easily connect their core systems with internal legacy systems and downstream apps to extend functionality. The Guidewire Cloud Integration Framework enables developers to implement integrations between InsuranceSuite and third-party apps using multiple APIs, messaging systems, or protocols.


Low-code UI configuration reduces the complexity of working with a variety of unique integrations.


Change or enhance an integration via Integration Gateway without the need to redeploy InsuranceSuite.


Leverage Apache Camel’s open-source components and Guidewire Cloud Platform utilities to develop and deploy integrations quickly.

How It Works

Cloud Integration Framework

Cloud API

Request data or initiate action from the InsuranceSuite application to connect to your enterprise apps and services.

Application Events*

Publish core events and related data to downstream systems in real time to ensure that apps accurately capture transactions from the core.

Integration Gateway

Externalize integration logic from the core, enabling integration apps that bridge Guidewire APIs and third-party APIs

*Application Events is an evolution of Guidewire’s event-messaging feature for self-managed InsuranceSuite deployments.

Related Info

Integration Gateway enables developers to externalize InsuranceSuite integration logic via low-code Integration Apps, leverage open-source components, and speed up the development of Guidewire integrations.
Not experienced with Apache Camel and want to know where to start? No problem – we have you covered! We share the best Apache Camel resources for developers.
The Cloud Integration Framework gives developers the right tools to connect Guidewire within your enterprise and across your ecosystem.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get started with Guidewire integrations, you can either use a prebuilt integration or custom-build your own solution.

Use a Prebuilt Integration

The Guidewire Marketplace offers more than 430 apps – including 175+ partner apps developed by 160+ Solution partners. For many of the most common integrations, the Guidewire Marketplace may offer a prebuilt integration to reduce your development efforts and increase speed-to-market.

Note: Want to build an app and get it listed in the Guidewire Marketplace? Review the steps provided in this post to learn how to partner with Guidewire and get your app listed.

Build Your Own Integration

You can use the Integration Gateway user interface to create and manage integrations on Guidewire Cloud. Read our step-by-step documentation to learn the architecture, integration patterns, development guidelines, and best practices (login required).
Integration Gateway is available for Guidewire Cloud only. If you use a self-managed version of InsuranceSuite, you can visit our Documentation site to learn how to build integrations for the version you’re running.

Integration Developer Training

Want to improve your skills as an integration developer? The Guidewire Education team has a variety of courses that will help you build knowledge and demonstrate skills that reflect increasing levels of competency.

InsuranceSuite Cloud Integration Basics

Do you want to perform successful integrations on Guidewire Cloud? To do this, integration developers and support engineers need to understand the basics of Guidewire products, REST APIs, authentication, file handling, and batch processes. This course provides a starting point for these basics in order to help ensure your future success, and is available for free in Guidewire Documentation.

Integration Gateway Course

This four-hour online course provides an overview of Integration Gateway on Guidewire Cloud. To achieve the course objectives, you should have taken the ClaimCenter System API and Developing with Guidewire Cloud courses and have a working knowledge of Apache Camel. After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the capabilities and benefits of Integration Gateway in Guidewire Cloud
  • Describe the development and deployment lifecycle
  • Create and test a route using Camel in an Integration Gateway app
  • Create an SQS queue using the Integration Apps – Configuration UI and use the queue in an Integration Gateway app

To enroll in the course, you must be logged in to the Guidewire Education portal. Click here to enroll today.

Watch the 9-minute first lesson for free:

To enroll in the course, you must be logged in to the Guidewire Education portal.

Get Certified as a Guidewire Integration Developer

Additionally, Guidewire Education offers a complete course path for developers interested in earning certifications for InsuranceSuite Guidewire Integration, including Certified Associate, Certified Specialist, Certified Professional, and Certified Ace.
InsuranceSuite Integration Developer
To learn more about Guidewire’s certification paths for developers, visit our Education site or send additional questions to

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