Cyence API

Gain a competitive edge with the Cyence API, an intelligence engine built into Guidewire Data Platform and Guidewire Analytics to supercharge your performance.


Cyence for Small Business  API

Leverage our massive data listening engine and machine learning algorithms for a more modern approach to underwriting risk.

Cyence for Small Business combines best in class data ingestion capabilities with advanced analytics to gather relevant, company-specific data in multiple categories including:

  • Company fundamentals
  • Behavioral insights
  • Prior violations and penalties
  • Website attributes
  • Social media sentiment
  • Environmental influences

All data is available via REST API and can be used in many ways including pricing (better model lift), risk selection (refer/decline/quote decisions), and workflow automation (pre-fill).

For access to the Cyence API and related documentation, contact your Guidewire Customer Account Manager.

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