Cognizant Team Places Third in Guidewire Jutro Hackathon

It all started back in early May 2021, when Cognizant’s team registered for the first-ever Guidewire Jutro Hackathon. The objective was to promote the adoption and awareness of Jutro, Guidewire’s design system and front-end framework. We were excited to leverage this opportunity to showcase our insight and experience with digital solutions that offer a better user experience in claims administration. And we were very pleased to be named the third-place winner!

We solicited suggestions from Cognizant practice leads for potential participants and selected our team. Interestingly, each one of our team members resided in different time zones and geographies. We selected Digi Tribe as our team name after considering a list of 10 choices.

At the onboarding event in June, we learned that Jamie Caprani (from Guidewire’s Dublin office) would be our coach. From the beginning, Jamie was a constant help, always expressing confidence that we had a winning recipe.

Guidewire Jutro Hackathon Experience

Participating in this hackathon was a unique experience for our team. It was exciting to see our synergy in action. Even though we had to stretch our comfort zones a great deal for this event, the experience turned out to be quite fulfilling for each of us.

The event was well coordinated, from onboarding to the kick-off presentations to the use of Slack for team communications. The microsite, or individual web page, for the event was well organized and became a frequent reference for our team throughout the hackathon. Earning the final badges for the learning missions boosted our team in the capabilities component in the Jutro framework.

Thoughts About Jutro

Guidewire gifts a new “Wow!” element with every major release, and the Jutro framework lives up to that designation. This framework enhances developer productivity and product maintainability, but it also provides a storybook that enables businesses to engage with the development team more profoundly than they could in the past.

Benefits Realized from Hackathon Participation

The Jutro Hackathon gave us a platform to showcase and enhance our Jutro framework knowledge, innovative capabilities, and cross-team collaboration. We were able to build reusable independent solutions while ensuring that they reflected our customers’ voices. It also enabled us to experience the thrill and satisfaction of working on a challenging assignment.

Project Overview

Our team built an Activity Manager for the claims adjuster. This prototype is intended to provide user-friendly views and straight-through context options for adjusters to identify activities that demand quick action. With our Activity Manager, adjusters can:

  • Process claims in a timely manner
  • Prioritize attention to areas such as invoice approvals, payments, and documents
  • Provide a count of activities by breaking up each context defined by the user

The scalable solution can be configured based on users’ specific requirements. It’s built using the Jutro framework and can be plugged into the claims portal.

Our solution, which resonated with the judging panel, addressed a real business problem that adjusters face, based on direct feedback from our implementation teams. We focused on solving the problem by leveraging technology.

Representative Screenshots of the Solution Build

As part of their daily routine, claims adjusters need to easily navigate and view lists of assigned claims. Our Activity Manager solution enables claims adjusters to:

  • Identify the claim with the maximum number of urgent items displayed at the top
  • Display the number of open activities in a claim
  • Display the View Activities link for navigation to the Activity Manager page

Activity Manager Claims

The Activity Manager page gives adjusters the following capabilities:

  • Obtain a list of activities related to a particular context (e.g., all activities related to invoice approvals)
  • Search activities based on the keywords present in the Subject+Description
  • Perform a single-click action on multiple activities

Activity Manager


Cognizant Hackathon Team

Krishnakumar Shreedharan Krishnakumar Shreedharan
ClaimCenter Tech Expert
Focused on using claim application programming interfaces (APIs), business patterns.
Tanmay Kole Tanmay Kole
GW Digital Consultant
Focused on developing context filter.
Shubham Bhatnagar Shubham Bhatnagar
Team Leader
Focused on team coordination, business relevance and presentation.
Arijit Paul Arijit Paul
ClaimCenter Tech Expert
Focused on AWS-S3 document retrieval, theme, background.
Anoop Neyyadiyilsahadevan Anoop Neyyadiyilsahadevan
GW Digital Consultant
Focused on search function, business component.
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