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A corny title for the first blog on the new Guidewire Developer site? Perhaps, but I just couldn’t help myself! We’ve been working for quite a while to build this new resource for you. Keep reading to learn all about what’s here today, and what we have planned for the future.

Welcome to the Guidewire Developer Open Beta

When we set out to create this site, we started with a single goal in mind: Enable developers working on Guidewire to create amazing things by making access to information, tools, and resources easily available. It’s that simple. We built this site to be the single point-of-entry for developers like you to learn about new products and features, and then take those features and capabilities and make them your own. Whether that means telling you about new courses available from Guidewire Education, new documentation or content published at Guidewire Documentation, or just simply offering blogs and articles from our own developers – this site is the first place you can go for all things related to developing on Guidewire.

But the site itself and the content that is here today is just the start. We have lots more work to do in order to give you all of the resources you need. So during this open beta period, we want to hear your thoughts on what you want to see here, what you want out of a resource like this, and what Guidewire can do to help you be a more productive developer. So please send your thoughts and ideas to us. We’ll be directly using that feedback to develop and prioritize the roadmap for continued iterations of the site for both the content, and the functionality.

What’s Next?

We’ve already begun work on some new stuff and I wanted to tell you about it right away! Over the course of the open beta period, we’ll be introducing new content and new pages within the base structure of the site first and foremost. I’m also really excited to announce that we’ll be launching a video series just for Guidewire developers. These videos will feature conversations, demos, and how-to’s from our own developers, architects, and engineers here at Guidewire. These bite-sized and no-fluff vignettes will cover everything from common how-to and FAQ topics, to user experience design, DevOps and everything in-between.

I hope that over the next few weeks and months you’ll continue to check back to the site for new content and announcements, and to keep giving us feedback. The best way to stay informed on what we’re doing is to head to the blog and subscribe to the newsletter there. You’ll then receive regular updates on news related to developing on Guidewire.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Ryan manages go-to-market programs for the Guidewire Marketplace and Guidewire Developer. A novice coder himself, he's currently working on a Python program that plays Craps.

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