Integration Gateway: Re-imagining P&C Integrations for the Cloud

Since we announced the Early Access (EA) program for Integration Gateway last year, we’ve been continually adding new features and incorporating feedback that we received from the EA customers to shape the product. I want to send a big “Thank you!” to our EA customers, partners, integration consultants, and everyone else who provided feedback. I’m thrilled to announce that Integration Gateway has now achieved General Availability (GA) status.

Common Challenges in Building Guidewire Integrations

If you’ve built integrations for Guidewire self-managed applications, you understand that there are multiple challenges when embedding integration logic in InsuranceSuite and combining integration and functional logic.

We often hear from integration developers about the following challenges:

  • Lack of separation between integration logic and functional logic in InsuranceSuite
  • Specialized Gosu skills required
  • Redeployment of InsuranceSuite when integration logic changes

A Better Way to Build Integrations on Guidewire Cloud

Integration Gateway solves these challenges by introducing a new paradigm to building P&C integrations on Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP). Integration Gateway is a cloud-native, fit-for-purpose integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that enables developers to externalize InsuranceSuite integration logic (via Integration Apps) to mediate between InsuranceSuite and third-party business services. Moreover, Integration Gateway provides a full DevOps lifecycle for Integration Apps.

Integration Apps are written in low-code Apache Camel by leveraging the open-source Camel componentry, Guidewire-optimized Camel components, and GWCP-specific utilities to speed up the development of Guidewire integrations.

Integration Gateway: Code Example

As an example, suppose you’re building a ClaimCenter integration to receive a payments file from a vendor and save it in S3 for further processing. You can accomplish this by writing a few lines of code (by leveraging Apache Camel and Integration Gateway components) in an Integration App that sits outside ClaimCenter:

from("file://" + SRC_FOLDER + "?delete=true").choice() 
.when(simple("${file:ext} == 'csv'")).to("gw-s3://" + 
"" + 

This approach has multiple benefits, including the ability to:

  • Separate functional and integration logic (that is, by moving integration logic from InsuranceSuite to Integration Gateway)
  • Promote reusability of integration logic
  • Improve developer productivity by leveraging low-code Camel DSL and standardized implementations for common enterprise integration patterns (EIPs)
  • Increase agility in evolving integration logic to meet your business needs without impacting InsuranceSuite deployments

Key Features of Integration Gateway

When you use Integration Gateway to build cloud integrations, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following key features:

  • Open-source technologies
  • Guidewire-optimized Camel componentry
  • Utilities to interface with GWCP
  • Configuration management to manage configurations related to Integration Apps
  • Developer utilities to persist messages through the message flows
  • Cloud scalability and observability at an Integration App level

Ready to Get Started?

To learn more, customers and partners can check out the Integration Gateway release notes and documentation below. Login is required:

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Shekar Madishetty

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