Introducing the Guidewire Payments API

Dec 18, 2020 | Article

Reduce IT Complexity with a Standardized Payments API

The Guidewire Payments API is a new multitenant microservice for inbound payments delivered with the Banff release. The Payments API externalizes payment integrations from Guidewire core systems, beginning with Guidewire InsuranceNow. It currently features integrations with the following payment gateway vendors:

  • One Inc

Prior to Banff, payment integration was built directly into the InsuranceNow application (the core application and the consumer and agent portals). Now, with the Banff release, InsuranceNow integrates with the Payments API, making your desired payment gateway vendor immediately available for use through a simple configuration.

Guidewire Payments API Architecture

Figure 1: Guidewire Payments API architecture. Click to enlarge.

Minimize PCI Cost and Risk

The Payments API was designed around Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. Primary account number (PAN) data is handled exclusively by the payment gateway; it does not run through or get processed by Guidewire software once integrated with the API. The Payments API exposes the payment gateway vendor’s own credit card payment user interface through a secure component that’s embedded seamlessly within InsuranceNow. Once the payment gateway processes the PAN, it returns a token, and the Payments API enables InsuranceNow to process payments using the token as recommended by the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The architecture of the Payments API limits the scope of PCI audits only to the secure component that manages the payment gateway’s PAN collection. This reduces your PCI compliance costs while delivering increased security.


Focus Your Resources on Creating Value

In addition to credit card processing, the Payments API also supports ACH transactions. New payment gateway integrations, payment gateway API updates, security improvements, feature enhancements, and associated maintenance for the Payments API are handled by Guidewire—so you can stay focused on other high-value projects. One recent update to the Payments API was the addition of filtering, sorting, and pagination to make more efficient and focused requests. And as a microservice separated from the core, many updates to the Payments API are done independently from InsuranceNow. You can access the online documentation here that provides additional details and instructions for configuring your desired payment settings within InsuranceNow.

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