Public API Reference for InsuranceSuite Available Now.

With the Banff release in November of 2020, Guidewire introduced the InsuranceSuite Cloud API, enabling developers to leverage open, RESTful APIs to more easily connect external services to Guidewire. Now, I’m excited to share more news related to our API strategy – and it’s a big one!

You can now access a new API reference guide for the InsuranceSuite Cloud API for ClaimCenter without an environment or login. Previously, developers who wanted to take a peek at the API and the capabilities provided could only do so by accessing the embedded Swagger UI within the respective InsuranceSuite application. This is the best workflow for viewing the endpoints and operations when you are in an environment working. Because the Swagger UI renders the API spec based on the metadata of your environment, it provides an accurate view of resources including any auto-generated APIs from Advanced Product Designer.

But for developers who do not have access to a Guidewire Cloud environment, there hasn’t been a way to view the API – even if you’re just curious. All that changed on March 31st for ClaimCenter.

Explore the New InsuranceSuite API Reference for ClaimCenter

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The InsuranceSuite API Reference for ClaimCenter.

You’ll see the API endpoints, sample responses, and the endpoint details all in a familiar view. But, in addition to the list of resources we’re also providing documentation to assist you in better understanding the API, its capabilities, and how to work with the API. Included with the reference are two titles from the full product documentation: Consuming the Cloud API, and ClaimCenter Business Flows. This addition to the API reference gives you additional guidance on how to get started with the API. You’ll find tutorials for just about all of the tasks you need to get started, from setting up your environment for use with Postman or other API development tools, to sending your first GET, PATCH, or POST, and more. As you get familiar with the API, the ClaimCenter Business Flows chapter provides a set of guides and tutorials to help you execute some of the most common use cases for the API like executing the FNOL, and working with service requests to name a few.

The ClaimCenter API Reference and FNOL Tutorial

There’s more on the way in terms of making the API reference guides public for more of the 1,100+ APIs across the Guidewire platform. If you’d like to be notified when more API resources are made available, as well as other news pertinent to building on Guidewire, you can subscribe to the Guidewire Developer newsletter. To get started exploring the ClaimCenter API, visit the new API reference guide now.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Ryan manages go-to-market programs for the Guidewire Marketplace and Guidewire Developer. A novice coder himself, he's currently working on a Python program that plays Craps.

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