How to Connect Guidewire and MuleSoft

How Integration with Guidewire and MuleSoft works

Like many Guidewire developers, you have dozens of applications across your organization to integrate with Guidewire. From financial systems to Insurtech applications, Guidewire’s flexible integration services make it possible. Many organizations are utilizing the services of enterprise-level Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) solutions like MuleSoft to integrate various applications besides Guidewire. If you’ve been wondering how you can leverage the MuleSoft toolset and existing integrations for some of your Guidewire integration projects, there’s good news for you today.

Now, learning how to integrate Guidewire with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is easier with the Guidewire Sample Connector for MuleSoft, available on the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange. This sample connector contains two resources to help you connect Guidewire ClaimCenter and MuleSoft:

  • Detailed instructions that document how to connect an endpoint from the InsuranceSuite Cloud API for ClaimCenter
  • A sample RAML file for publishing the MuleSoft API spec

The documentation walks you through a sample use case showing how to publish the InsuranceSuite Cloud API in MuleSoft and integrate with Guidewire ClaimCenter. After successfully publishing the API to MuleSoft and making a successful call to the API, you will then understand how to connect any of the available endpoints within the InsuranceSuite Cloud API to MuleSoft for your integration projects.

Getting Started with the Guidewire Sample Connector for MuleSoft

To get started with the Guidewire Sample Connector for MuleSoft, you first need the following prerequisites:

  • Access to a Guidewire ClaimCenter instance running on Guidewire Cloud Platform (contact your Guidewire account team if you need access)
  • The InsuranceSuite Cloud API reference for ClaimCenter
  • Access to a MuleSoft Anypoint environment, specifically including:
    • Anypoint Design Center
    • Anypoint Exchange
    • Anypoint Studio

Once you have met those prerequisites, you can visit the Anypoint Exchange to access the sample connector, as well as the sample RAML file.

Continue Learning and Getting Better

Developers who are new to Guidewire integration methods, or just looking for more professional development should take a look at these resources as well:

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