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Garmisch — our first of three ski releases planned for 2023 — reimagines insurance product design, speeds up integrations, and expands commercial lines offerings. With new features and capabilities across our cloud platform, applications, and content, Garmisch helps insurers further streamline the developer experience, drive efficiency and growth, and accelerate time to market.

In this blog post you’ll discover what’s new in Garmisch and find resources to help your development teams leverage our latest cloud release. But first, here are a few key Garmisch release links you’ll want to bookmark:

What’s New in Garmisch?

Below you’ll find new features and functionalities in Garmisch that are most relevant to development teams. They have been grouped into three categories: Cloud Platform, Applications, and Content. To jump ahead to a specific section, click any of the menu items below.

Cloud Platform

Integration Gateway enhancements

  • Benefits:
    • More self-service options: deploy integration apps to non-production and production environments
    • Improved user interface to more easily manage the lifecycle of integration apps
    • Fast-track initial implementations with more robust starting points

Integration Gateway resources:

Data masking for NPEs

  • Benefits:
    • Test and debug: Perform functional, integration, performance, and upgrade testing and debugging to deliver sanitized copies of production data into a non-production environment.
    • Access in Guidewire Cloud Console: Quickly configure and use this service from the Database Masking screen in Cloud Console.
    • Flexible security features: Configure role-based access, user personas, column level control, and more.

Data masking resources:

APD App multi-line product management

  • Benefits:
    • Seamlessly create and manage multi-line products from one location on Guidewire Cloud.
    • Leverage the multi-line product model for other cloud services, such as Jutro.
    • Simplify your application ecosystem with a single source of truth for product and data models.

APD App resources:

Self-service production deployments

  • Benefits:
    • Dry-run deployments: Optimized backup and restore of large databases.
    • Flexible deployments: Option to roll back application builds and database states.
    • Smoother deployments: Receive notifications of Guidewire Cloud Platform maintenance windows.
    • Greater control of build pipeline: Scheduling TeamCity builds from Guidewire Cloud Console.

Guidewire Cloud Console resources:

Custom monitoring and observability with Datadog

  • Benefits:
    • Use dashboards to monitor business-critical functionality, such as integration availability and network endpoints, using templated DataDog dashboards.
    • Create custom dashboards and alerts based on customized metrics.
    • Enable rich data analysis of indexed logs with user-defined tags and attributes

Monitoring and observability resources:

Configure merge checks in Bitbucket

  • Benefits:
    • Configure Bitbucket settings according to your organization’s needs
    • Maintain code quality aligned with your continuous integration processes
    • Ensure pull requests are properly merged into target branches based on specified conditions

Bitbucket resources:


New Cloud API endpoints

  • BillingCenter
    • Endpoints for viewing and paying invoices conveniently: Empower agents and policyholders who are using a third-party application to view policy information retrieved using Cloud API, such as premiums, taxes, and fees, for direct bill invoices. Policyholders and agents who are using a third-party application can pay invoices directly, using Cloud API endpoints that connect external payment systems to BillingCenter.
    • Endpoints for managing return premium plans: Insurers can now manage return premium plans from Cloud API.
  • ClaimCenter
    • Endpoints for data sharing: Access business logic and data through ClaimCenter API endpoint support for working with matters, reopening claims, and reopening exposures. When a call specifies or modifies document metadata (and not document content), the call can now be sent as application/JSON, instead of as FormObject.
  • PolicyCenter
    • Endpoint for reauthorizing anonymous quote flow: Improve customer acquisition by allowing anonymous policy applicants to retrieve submissions started but not finished in a previous session.
    • Endpoints for managing policy holds: Insurers can now manage policy holds from Cloud API.
  • InsuranceNow
    • Endpoints for claims integration capabilities: Use the new API endpoints for claims to retrieve claim contact information and create notes. Developers can leverage these new endpoints to improve efficiencies and enhance the claims experience.
  • Additional Cloud API updates
    • Endpoint generation for base configuration entities: Insurers can now generate endpoints for most base configuration entities that do not already have endpoints.
    • Endpoints for managing security zones and geographic zones: Insurers can now manage security zones and geographic zones from Cloud API.

Cloud API resources:


New Guidewire GO content packages:

Pre-built content available on Guidewire Marketplace provides development teams with starter code that can reduce development effort and accelerate time-to-market:

  • Australia & New Zealand
    • Australia Business Number (ABN) Lookup
    • Australia Goods and Services Tax handling
    • New Zealand localization
  • Japan
    • Personal Lines of Business for ClaimCenter
    • Anti-Fraud Messaging
  • London Market
    • Risk Classification configuration
    • Message handling
  • InsuranceNow GO for Commercial Property

These GO packages will be available for download on Guidewire Marketplace in the coming weeks. Click here to view all GO content on Guidewire Marketplace.

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