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Hakuba — our second of three ski releases planned for 2023 — drives profitability for modern P&C insurers with new Autopilot Workflow Service, expanded commercial lines offerings, and much more. Hakuba was released on August 4, 2023 and includes several new, enhanced, and early access capabilities across our platform, applications, and content.

In this blog post you’ll discover what’s new in Hakuba and find resources to help your development teams leverage our latest cloud release. But first, here are key links you’ll want to bookmark:

What’s New in Hakuba?

Below you’ll find new features and functionality in Hakuba that are most relevant to development teams. They have been grouped into three categories: Platform, Applications, and Content. To jump ahead to a specific section, click any of the menu items below.

New Free Course: InsuranceSuite Cloud Integration Basics

Do you want to perform successful integrations on Guidewire Cloud? To do this, integration developers and support engineers need to understand the basics of Guidewire products, REST APIs, authentication, file handling, and batch processes. This course provides a starting point for these basics in order to help ensure your future success, and is available for free in Guidewire Documentation.

Take the free course on Guidewire Documentation.

Cloud Platform

Monitor cloud services in real time with Guidewire Service Status (New!)

  • Benefits:
    • Unlock proactive observability with instant alerts via email, RSS, Slack, and other communication channels.
    • Understand historical trends and past incidents with retrospective analysis and Guidewire-provided incident summaries.
    • Prepare for scheduled maintenance by service, time, and region.

Guidewire Service Status resources:

Manage third-party data outside of InsuranceSuite with Integration Data Manager (New!)

  • Benefits:
    • Simplify integrations by storing third-party data outside InsuranceSuite, so it can be displayed to users and used to define business rules without having to extend the InsuranceSuite data model.
    • Improve data governance by separating third-party and InsuranceSuite data. Enforce a retention period and protect third-party data from changes.
    • Enhance the developer experience by allowing developers to create data pools for storing third-party JSON data, define pool structures and retention policies, and make third-party data available for use by InsuranceSuite and other services.

Integration Data Manager resources:

Minimize planned downtime with Blue/Green Deployment enhancements

  • Benefits:
    • Enhanced automation capabilities that include “single-click” deployments, self-service, and a notification framework.

Blue/Green deployment resources:

Reduce operational costs with Cloud Data Access (CDA) event notifications and a Basic NPE

  • Benefits:
    • Accelerate downstream CDA integrations with an event-based consumption pattern that also reduces operational overhead.
    • Reduce customer credits used for development use cases with a new Basic CDA NPE type that batches all changes and streams once per day.

Cloud Data Access resources:

Orchestrate process automation with Autopilot Workflow Service (Early Access)

  • Benefits:
    • Leverage a powerful integrated cloud service to define and manage automated workflows across the P&C insurance lifecycle.
    • Accelerate orchestration of business processes with low-code tooling and out-of-the-box integrations to InsuranceSuite APIs and third-party services via the Cloud Integration Framework.
    • Increase agility in managing business process changes by externalizing business process logic from InsuranceSuite.

Autopilot Workflow Service is available in Early Access for claims automation. To request more information about our Early Access program for Autopilot Workflow Service, please contact eaprogram@guidewire.com.

Amplify observability with Application Performance Monitoring dashboards (Early Access)

  • Benefits:
    • Identify and respond to changes quickly with deep visibility into the performance of applications running on the Guidewire Cloud Platform.
    • Debug performance spikes by creating and reviewing distributed traces.
    • View application performance using dashboards to monitor key metrics using traces from your code while integrating with existing Datadog features.

To request more information about our Early Access program for Application Performance Monitoring, please contact eaprogram@guidewire.com.


New and enhanced Cloud API endpoints

  • ClaimCenter:
    • New endpoint support for property claims: Simplify data sharing and improve claim servicing with endpoints for Property Contents Scheduled and Property Location. Easily integrate scheduled items and damage for property claims to external sources to improve claims accuracy.
  • BillingCenter:
    • Enhanced endpoints for invoice items and account summary details: Offer direct access for both policyholders and customer service reps with API calls to “View invoice items,” “View summary screens,” and “Billing instructions – Issuance.”
  • PolicyCenter:
    • Enhanced endpoint for Quote schema: Easily leverage comparative quoting in digital applications with a simpler API call for policy transactions.
    • Enhanced endpoint for Policy and Account contact roles: Manage policy and account contact roles for external services like product design and digital experiences.
    • Enhanced endpoint for policy archiving: Improve access to older policies with custom actions for archiving and retrieval as well as enhanced search options.
  • HazardHub:
    • New data points for liquor license, gun retailers, and fire mitigation community: Utilize these data points via the HazardHub API to make correlations to loss and improve your underwriting decisions.

Cloud API resources:

Increase productivity with PolicyCenter performance improvements

  • Benefits:
    • Build and deploy products up to 40% faster with PolicyCenter performance enhancements
    • Enjoy a more nimble experience in PolicyCenter driven by changes to the codebase
    • Implement new products and lines of business more easily using prebuilt templates or Guidewire GO products that include additional components.

PolicyCenter resources for developers:

Improve profitability and growth with a new stand-alone Rating Application (Early Access)

  • Benefits:
    • Eliminate downtime for rate deployment by running rating functions outside of PolicyCenter in a cloud-native, multi-tenant app.
    • Create and change rates quickly and easily with the ability to re-use and share individually versioned rating artifacts.
    • Improve the developer experience by providing a collaborative and modular development environment for rating artifacts design, implementation, and deployment.

To request more information about our Early Access program for Application Performance Monitoring, please contact eaprogram@guidewire.com.

Rating Application resources:

Reduce IT workload with new Underwriting Rules microservice (Early Access)

  • Benefits:
    • Easily create and update underwriting rules outside PolicyCenter — no need to take the core system offline to change a ruleset.
    • Improve the user experience with an intuitive user interface for creating and updating rules.
    • Reduce IT workload by enabling business users to create and update rules by choosing elements from a preloaded data set.

To request more information about our Early Access program for Application Performance Monitoring, please contact eaprogram@guidewire.com.

Underwriting Rules resources:

View real-time data balancing information with Data Service Console for InsuranceNow (New!)

  • Benefits:
    • Get direct access to the Data Service to view balancing information between the transactional and reporting databases.
    • Eliminate the wasted time and effort previously spent confirming balancing status through support tickets to the Guidewire team.
    • Ensure reporting accuracy with reports that run against complete data.

Data Service Console resources:


Kick-start development with 20 new and updated apps in the Guidewire Marketplace

The Guidewire Marketplace offers more than 500 apps – including 200+ partner apps developed by 184+ Solution partners. Each app is vetted by Guidewire to ensure compatibility, security, quality, and business value for our customers. You can also see Cloud Native apps that have been built from the ground up to run on Guidewire Cloud Platform to support scalability and can be updated without disruption.

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Note: Want your app listed in the Guidewire Marketplace? Review the steps provided in this post to learn how to partner with Guidewire and get your app listed.

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